Welcome from your returning and recycled incoming co-President.

First, let us conclude the business meeting and move forward on critical issues we face.

We are the conscientious courageous women of NCJW, advocates that speak out on issues critical to the well being of women, children and families. Yes, we have an abundance of battles to fight – both locally and nationally.

Lets begin with HB40 – the abortion bill that our lawmakers passed by a 33 to 22 vote and now awaits the signature of Gov Rauner. It was a campaign promise Rauner made – to protect our abortion rights in IL should the US Supreme Court strike down or change Roe v. Wade.  HB40 also prevents insurers from denying coverage of abortion services to women on Medicaid & state workers on the IL health insurance plan.  Call the Governor everyday, and sign the advocacy postcards on the table. They will be delivered directly to the governor’s office in Springfield. 

This is how we march with our voice, our signatures, and our open hearts.

We are living on a precipice – there is a biblical deluge of egregious legislation hanging in the balance daily.

Affordable Healthcare – it is a right, not a privilege. Over 60% of Americans believe that the federal government has a responsibility to make sure all Americans have  access to health care coverage. One fact is quite real – the voice of the people are making a difference.  Friday, a done deal for repeal of Obamacare. Monday, not a done deal. Tuesday, more dissension, ugly rhetoric and postponement. One thing is clear. They will be back.

If the new healthcare passes, 30,000 Illinois residents will be impacted— 20,000 through Medicaid cuts and 10,000 through Title X. 

Every day Obamacare is in effect, 8,000 people are served by Planned Parenthood of IL.

This new mean spirited plan would harm the millions of Americans living with pre-existing conditions and the children, the disabled, and the elderly currently getting crucial care through Medicaid — all to give a massive tax break to the wealthy.

Taking critical — even life-saving — coverage away from the people who need it most is not humane. And that’s why staying silent right now is not an option.

We have to protect each other. This isn’t some abstract issue. What happens this week could affect our parents, our children, and our friends who are bravely fighting illness.

We are blessed with 2 great Senators – thank them for the good decisions they make.

its okay to reach across the IL state line and call the heartless Congressmen in Missouri and Ohio who live to please their party, not the people who need protection most.  Keep up the calls, the noise, the resistance. It works.

“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.” – Martin Luther King

This year we need to do more than we’ve ever done before. And that is why I ask you to reconsider whatever you thought you would do when you walked in the door today to honor and encourage the women who serve and volunteer for our section.

There are envelopes on the table – and pens. The power of example is the example of our power. 

Your support makes it possible for this section to continue the critical work of social justice.

Together we will empower women to educate their communities, support immigrants, and increase our outreach to mobilize & strengthen coalitions that advocate for fundamental rights and freedoms. We will fight against heinous legislation that strips away everything we have struggled to accomplish – our rights, our choices, our progress.

But if we’re going to win, we need every single one of us in this fight. We need to fight like people’s lives depend on it – because people’s lives will depend on what happens next.

We have a long, hard fight ahead of us and it doesn’t end with healthcare. Its up to us to use our voice and our vote to insure our freedoms, our choices, our belief in social justice prevail.

Use your voice with your laptop, ipad or phone.

Here is a Proactive example – Email Shelley Capito in West Virginia. Say “do NOT take away life from 217 thousand people in your state – Vote NO on the dangerous AHA/BRCA. Use hashtags such as #ProtectourHealth #SavetheACA.

Remind her that 13 heartless, vengeful men have cobbled this bill together in the dark.

Call Gov Rauner and make this demand with a script like this

As your constituent I am calling on you to act today to pass a fair and fully funded budget with enough new permanent revenue to stop the cuts and repair the damage that has already been done. Make smart investments in our future. Stop-gap spending and other bandaid solutions are unacceptable. Pass it NOW

Write down this number for a more information and a script 

855.334.6885 – the Responsible Budget Coalition.

Everything we believe in is under attack. NCJW Chicago North Shore is ready. We are on the front lines with you now and we are inspiring a new generation of leaders to fight for the future. And to do it right, we need your financial support.

So what did I miss to quote a line from the musical Hamilton.  Your involvement, your support, your philanthropy.

Find your passion – is it protecting and promoting the vote, Courts Matter, Sex Trafficking, protecting our Immigrants, Interfaith coalitions, rape on campus, violence against women, LBGTQ rights, gender equality in Israel, fair pay for women, Gun violence prevention? We are working on all these issues through coalitions and partnerships

Be the extraordinary women leading social change for over 120 years. And remember, the power of one influences the actions of many

Thank you.