Over the High Holidays, we often reflect on our Jewish values and ponder how we can nurture the spark that is within us to honor all people.  Conversations around the dinner table with friends and relatives have been deep, prompting us to ask ourselves whether one person’s actions can make a difference. The answer is a resounding YES! We are reminded that the power of one influences the action of many.

As Co-Presidents of the National Council of Jewish Women Chicago North Shore, we see how the power of one becomes the action of many on a daily basis.  The work that we do honors and supports women and children of all faiths, and affirms our commitment to improving the lives of others. Working together with your unending enthusiasm and commitment, NCJW Chicago North Shore is a group of action.

May we take a moment to recount the tremendous acts of kindness, advocacy, and tikkun olam–efforts to repair the world– which your contributions have allowed on a local level, impacting women and children in Chicagoland?

  • Alerts sent to over 2,000 people in support of reproductive justice, immigration, LGBTQ equality, gun violence prevention, sex trafficking, judicial appointments, and civil rights in Israel for you to take action. Armed with your voice, we met with a dozen legislators, both locally and nationally this year to advocate for our shared beliefs on these important issues.
  • 30 volunteers in the Court Watch program oversaw court hearings for 111 cases to ensure that women were given a fair trial in our justice system, and by their very presence, deterring the prevalence of domestic violence.
  • 160 suitcases and 200 backpacks were filled with supplies and sent to nine domestic violence shelters for women and children who are fleeing domestic violence situations.
  • Over 500 meals were served to the hungry at local soup kitchens.
  • Over 2,500 people were exposed to our Trafficked Teens silhouettes, a campaign to raise awareness about this pernicious form of modern slavery.


Tina Cantrell & Donna Gutman, Co-Presidents

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