NCJW Chicago North Shore
5 Revere Drive, Suite 200
Northbrook, IL  60062
Tel 847 853 8889

To email specific committees and projects within the Chicago North Shore Section click the emails below:
Public Policy and Advocacy Information
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Luggage for Freedom Domestic Violence Project
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Encore & More Upscale Resale Shop
1107 Central Street
Wilmette, IL 60091
Tel 847 853 8888

The National Council of Jewish Women maintains offices in New York, Washington DC, and Israel. Contact NCJW’s headquarters in New York for inquiries about NCJW’s president, and for information about membership, communications, and national events. Questions about NCJW’s public policy work, grassroots initiatives, and all press inquiries can be directed to the Washington office. Contact the Israel office to learn more about NCJW’s work in Israel, including the Israel Granting Program.



NCJW Headquarters
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1901
New York, NY 10115
Tel 212 645 4048
Fax 212 645 7466
 Washington Office
1707 L Street, NW, Suite 950
Washington, DC 20036-4206
Tel 202 296 2588
Fax 202 331 7792
Israel Office
Tel 212 870 2745
Dina Charnin, Senior Israel Advisor