NCJW supports the protection of every woman’s right to reproductive choice, including safe and legal abortion, and the elimination of obstacles that limit reproductive freedom. For decades, NCJW has advocated for abortion rights and access to the full range of family planning options in this country and internationally.

In recent years, anti-abortion forces and the religious right have mounted many attacks on hard won reproductive rights. NCJW strongly opposes any measures that would restrict a woman’s right to choose or deny access to needed family planning services. The Supreme Court’s landmark Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 acknowledged and protected a woman’s right to control her reproductive life, including obtaining a safe and legal abortion.

Recent court decisions and laws have reversed much of what was accomplished by and since the Roe decision. In fact, today, efforts are ongoing to nominate and confirm anti-choice judges to lifetime positions on the federal bench. These efforts are opposed through Benchmark: NCJW’s Campaign to Save Roe, a program that educates, mobilizes, and advocates for a federal judiciary that will protect fundamental freedoms, including a woman’s right to reproductive choice.

NCJW works in close partnership with Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area and Chicago Foundation for Women-Our Voices, Our Choices coalition to promote public policies that safeguard the rights of individuals to freely make private, responsible choices.