There’s a large, unfilled need for bag meals at the PADS shelters in North Chicago and surrounding areas during the summer months.  This is a significant way to make a positive impact on the lives of others over the summer.

Volunteers meet at a home in Deerfield. The project is simple – Make sandwiches and bag up the other items for people in need.  Socialize while you work!  A volunteer  will deliver the bags to the PADS office in North Chicago the following day.

If you can’t attend, or even if you can, please consider donating something from the list below.  

List for Bag Meals
 – please feel free to split an item if the quantity is too large:
Sandwich Bread – 160 slices (about 9 loaves)
Lunch meat – 160 one ounce slices (about 10 packages of 1 lb. Oscar Meyer or any kind)
Juice Boxes – 40
Single serve bags of chips or pretzels – 40
Fruit cups or apple sauce cups – 40
Individually wrapped granola bars or single serve desserts – 40
plastic spoons – 40
wet naps – 40
sandwich baggies – 40

PS – If you wish to make this your own family project, a child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah project, Scout project or similar, email Ellen at