For over a century, NCJW has been at the forefront of social change – championing the needs of women, children, and families – while courageously ensuring individual rights and freedoms through programs and projects initiated by our members. What unifies our 90,000 members and supporters around the country is a belief that progressive ideals put into meaningful action can improve the world. With NCJW at your side, you can take that action and become a powerful force for change.Our mission is to identify need and create programs. Our current projects are listed below. Please click on the links for additional information on how to become involved.
Community Service Projects
Special Events
Sukkot (October)
Day of Service at Tri-Con (January)
Mother’s Day at Tri-Con (May)
Tikkun Olam
Local Soup Kitchens (quarterly)
Violence Against Women Initiatives
Court Watch
Silent Witness Initiative
Luggage for Freedom
Luggage for Freedom – Kids Packs
Kids Programs
Dorothy Cohen Fine Arts Initiative
Ready for Reading
Volunteer by: 
making phone calls * spend 2-3 hours at event * be a driver * plan an event
Dare to Make a Difference!
To learn more about our community service projects and/or to discuss becoming involved, please email your name, email address, and phone number to