Sukkot (Fall)
In honor of the Jewish harvest holiday Sukkot, the National Council of Jewish Women Chicago North Shore Section creates an annual sukkah display at the Regenstein Fruit & Vegetable Garden. The sukkah remains on display for the entire week of Sukkot. Families are invited to take part in arts and crafts activities to decorate the sukkah. This event is both fun and educational as we expose the general public to a beautiful fall festival.Sukkot, or “The Festival of Booths,” celebrates the end of the harvest and the days when the Hebrews dwelt in the wilderness before entering the Promised Land. A sukkah is often erected during the festival. This branch-covered booth is decorated with fall fruits and vegetables, including dried corn, squash and gourds. It is common practice for Jews to eat and even live in this temporary dwelling during the seven-day festival. Another tradition is to wave the etrog, a lemon-like fruit, and the lulav, a long, palm-like branch, which is a combination of myrtle, palm and willow.For more information about or to volunteer with NCJW at Sukkot at the Gardens contact