March 17

NCJW Salon: Judaism, Jews, and Addiction

March 17, 7:30 pm


Speaker: Beth Fishman, PhD, Program Manager, JCFS Chicago Addiction Services


Is it true that:

…wine at seder or kiddush can be the first step toward addiction?
…Jews are as vulnerable to addiction as any other group?
…addiction is different for women and men?
…you can learn to be a great ally to Jewish families facing addiction or in recovery?

Please join us on March 17 as we discuss these and other issues as the Jewish community confronts addiction and supports recovery.



A Brief Historical Perspective on Jews, Women and Addiction, Audrey H. Waxman


Bringing a unique perspective of addiction recovery through Jewish tradition, Beth Fishman, Ph.D. has worked with individuals and families impacted by a wide range of substance use disorders and other addictive behaviors for over 25 years.   Dr. Fishman is the Program Manager of addiction services at JCFS Chicago. In this capacity she offers education and support to Chicagoland Jews in recovery and their allies, provides training for communal and treatment professionals, assists Jewish communities around the country in developing programs to address addiction, and helps synagogues to create safe, welcoming sacred space vis a vis alcohol use.  Dr. Fishman is licensed as a Clinical Psychologist by the State of Illinois.