Let’s give another round of applause for Susan – so brave and courageous to open her story to the world.
Her book is available here today – personalized by the author.

And let’s give another round of applause for you – members, friends, family, honorees and our new Board. It’s going to be a banner year. We will continue to elevate our visibility and raise our voice for social justice – for women, children and families.

Thank you to Causegear for contributing 25% of sales to our section today and in the future. The CAUSEGEAR brand takes a stand against injustice by providing life-changing jobs in third world countries. Each crafter benefits through a dignified wage at least 5X the norm. In addition, 90% of the business profits go directly to benefit the crafters. Please visit Brad today and use the online code “NCJW.”

We Believe great change comes from collective action.
We Believe the best solutions for communities are found within the people who live, play and work there.
We Believe that progressive women like you are charged with effecting change. And We Know this does not come in a vacuum. It takes staff as well as volunteers to continue this engagement so critical to our mission.

In the center of your table of success are pledge cards – Pick one up – be a visionary, a pioneer, and an advocate through your philanthropy. Take this journey with me.

Please contribute today because as Jews, we know of slavery & bondage imbedded in our history – and now,
we tackle the atrocity of Human Trafficking as Stacy so eloquently presented.

We contribute today because we believe advancing gender equality and women’s rights is an imperative.

We contribute today because we give up little to do so much to strengthen our belief in Tikkun Olam

We want to make this easy – a monthly payment plan is now available – just like your electricity bill.

$1000 over 10 months– $100 per month – one nice dinner out with you and your spouse, friend, or bestie

$600 over 10 months – 60.00 per month – a manicure & paraffin pedicure with tip

$360 over 10 months – 36.00 per month – ½ tank of gas or a movie for 2 with extra larger popcorn & beverage

Or, simply pledge – write a check or accumulate some miles for your next flight to visit your grandchildren.
Helen Keller captured it all when she said – I am only one, but still I am one.  I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.
We use our powerful well-respected voice to insure our daughters and granddaughters are equally recognized and rewarded as first class citizens with first class pay and first seats at the table.

Let us shine with purpose and passion and grow like the Redwood trees of California who achieve their greatest heights because their roots are intrinsically intertwined.

Let us collectively contribute because time is precious – we have come this far, let our Jewish values guide us
to make our lives & our communities a better world.

Thank you