One of NCJW’s principles is: ‘The protection and preservation of the environment are vital to a sustainable future.’ The Chicago North Shore Section has supported this principle by holding a series of educational events as part of our Green Series.

The Green Series, which began in 2008, consists of annual or semi-annual lectures, discussions, tours, and events focused on sustainability and ways Jews can protect the environment and reduce families’ carbon footprint. Approximately 20-30 women attend each of these events. Topics have included: The connection between Judaism and the environment, practicing safer pest control, advocating for laws that support healthier home and school environments, sustainable building practices and ways to reduce energy consumption, and healthy eating, including purchasing locally and sustainably grown food.

Chicago North Shore Section also demonstrates our commitment to this principal with internal policies that encourage environmentally friendly practices at our events and meetings.  Click here for specifics on our green event protocol.

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Past Events:

Film Screening of Fresh

Organic Gardening

Healthy Green Living