Want to meet interesting women and explore
progressive, feminist and social justice issues?

Join the NCJW Evening Salon

NCJW’s new Evening Salon is a monthly, evening discussion group (7:30-9:00 pm), meeting at Salon members’ homes (in the northern suburbs) and facilitated by Salon members.  Every month a new topic is chosen by the group, and source materials links are then emailed to everyone to read.  Topics include a wide variety of current progressive, feminist and social justice issues.  There is no fee.   Join NCJW after three sessions and you become a member of the Salon!

For more Salon information contact either Donna Fishman or Robbie Schreiber at salon@ncjwcns.org


All discussion sessions are 7:30 – 9:00 pm.

Please RSVP to salon@ncjwcns.org and you will be emailed the host address and readings.

NCJW Salon calendar: 

Wednesday, September 6
Wednesday, October 10
Wednesday, November 8
Wednesday, December 13

Other topics for 2017-2018 include race relations, intersectionality and reproductive justice.

Wednesday, January 10
Tuesday, February 13
Wednesday, March 14
Tuesday, April 17
Wednesday, May 9
Wednesday, June 13

NCJW Women’s Salon consists of monthly evening programs to discuss fiction and non-fiction books and journal articles on timely feminist and Jewish issues, take outings to theater and films, and advocate for and take action on NCJW issues.