Complete Your Bio Don’t leave your profile image blank or not fill in your name and description Do use your picture (or other image that represents you) and make sure you use your description to describe a little bit about yourself and your interests
Make New Friends Don’t talk only to people you already know. Do follow people you may not know but interest you. People want to be followed so read out to someone knew by following them
Be Social Don’t only send out information without interacting with others Do make it a conversation. Share what other people post (Retweet or RT) or respond to what they have posted. If the latter, make sure to mention them in your tweet by adding the @ symbol before their user name.
Write to be Read Don’t use excessive abbreviations so that your tweet is hard to read Do shorten your hyperlinks with a link shortener link tinyurl or so you have more characters in a tweet to share your thoughts
Write to be Found Don’t use only text in your tweet – mix it up by tweeting links or photos Do use hastags. (A hashtag is where you put ‘#’ in front of a word, and it becomes a searchable link on Twitter). They help add your voice to the conversation about that issue. Calls to action and statistics always do well.

Glossary of Popular Twitter Terminology:

  • Direct Message/DM/Message – sending someone a private message on Twitter
  • #FF (Follow Friday) – on Fridays. people often include this hashtag with a list of other twitter users that they recommend that other people follow
  • Following – people whose tweets you are subscribed to see in your timeline
  • Followers – people that are subscribed to your tweets
  • Lists – Curated groups of other Twitter users. Used to tie specific individuals into a group on your Twitter account
  • Mention or “@ reply” – by putting the ‘@’ in front of someone’s Twitter username, it creates a link to their profile and notifies them that they were mentioned in your tweet
  • RT or Retweet – the act of reposting someone else’s tweet
  • Reply – a response to another user’s tweet, usually posted by clicking the “reply” button next to their tweet in your timeline. Always begins with @username
  • Timeline or “TL” – a real-time list of tweets on Twitter
  • Trending Topics – most popular subjects on Twitter at the moment
  • Unfollow – to stop following someone on Twitter