Welcome Jill Wine-Banks—2023 Women of Justice Keynote Speaker

NCJW Chicago North Shore is proud to have Jill Wine-Bank as our keynote speaker for the upcoming Gala, a night where Women of Justice will be honored for their work in strengthening our rights and fighting for democracy.

Ms. Wine-Banks MSNBC Legal Analyst, author of Watergate Girl and co-host of the popular podcast, #SistersInLaw, is clearly a Woman of Justice. Throughout her career, she has broken every glass ceiling, beginning as the first woman to serve as an organized crime prosecutor at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. Less than five years later, she was selected as one of the three Assistant Watergate Special Prosecutors in for the obstruction of justice trial against President Nixon’s top aides. As a major player in the Watergate tapes hearing that preceded the trial, Ms. Wine-Banks cross-examined Rose Mary Woods, President Nixon’s secretary, about the 18 ½ minute gap in a key White House recording.

President Carter named Ms. Wine-Banks the General Counsel of the U.S. Army. She also served as Illinois’ first Solicitor General and first female Deputy Attorney General, and as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the American Bar Association, the only woman to have held that position. Since then, Ms. Wine-Banks has held executive positions at both corporate and non-profit companies, including work in Russia and Ukraine for Motorola, in China and Hong Kong, and in Japan and Europe for Maytag. She also serviced as the Chief Officer of career and technical education for the Chicago Public Schools, where she founded DeVry Advantage Academy.

Ms. Wine-Banks has been instrumental in defending survivors of sexual assault in the military, by improving the legitimate handling of these cases. She has been a staunch supporter of community in her charitable work, and has served on many boards throughout her career, including the International Women’s Forum and the ACLU. As a result of her many significant contributions nationally and locally, she has been the recipient of an impressive number of awards.

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