Learn About the Issues

NCJW confronts today’s most urgent social and economic challenges facing women, children and families. Powered by the Jewish imperative to ensure dignity for all, we impact policy, advocate for justice and support the community. Your voice has never been more essential and our voices together make a meaningful difference in the world.

NCJW’s advocacy program integrates education with social action. We champion issues important to us and our community. Our current priorities are:

We also take positions on several other issues of importance to women, children and families.  Visit NCJW.ORG for more information. NCJW’s advocacy positions are based on NCJW’s resolutions, including principles, which are revised and approved by the voting delegates to the national convention every three years. The resolutions authorize action and provide direction for participation in local, state and national affairs. As legislation arises which often requires immediate action, we use “calls to action” to alert our members to email and make phone calls to the appropriate officials. If you would like to make your voice heard in government, click here to join our local advocacy network.