2024 Legislative Look Ahead- We’re back to work!

The Illinois legislature is back to work and so are we!

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Lawmakers have returned to Springfield for the Spring Session which adjourns May 24, 2024. Given that it is an election year we don’t expect as much to be done before the election, particularly if is it controversial in nature.

However, the following is a list of legislative efforts we are aware of currently that NCJW expects to support:

Reproductive Justice and Bodily Autonomy

  • HB4149: Medicaid for contraception for non-citizens, sponsor ICAN
  • HB4093: The Protect Health Data Privacy Act (“PHDPA”) will help safeguard the privacy of every Illinoisans’ sensitive health information by implementing new privacy protections that will significantly reduce the likelihood that any Illinoisan’s health information will end up in the wrong hands. Entities in the U.S. today share most people’s personal information without their consent.
  • HB5152: Tax Credit for people relocating to Illinois because of bans on access to healthcare that is legal in the state of Illinois. Specifically, any taxpayer who relocates here to access care for themselves or a family member will be eligible for a $500 tax credit. Any licensed healthcare provider or certified teacher who relocates from a state restricting their ability to provide care or exercise their free speech rights is also eligible for the credit.
  • State FACE Act: An Illinois Freedom of Access to Clinics Entrances Act that would protect all patients, providers, and facilities that provide reproductive health services. There is currently a Federal FACE Act, but the hope is that a state FACE Act would be more effective and enforceable.
  • SB3449: End of Life Options for Terminally Ill Patients Act, would allow a mentally capable, terminally ill adult with a prognosis of six months or less the option to obtain a prescription medication they may decide to take so they can die peacefully and end their suffering. Qualified individuals must be able to self-administer (i.e., self-ingest) the medication and physicians must inform the requesting individual about all their end-of-life care options, including comfort care, hospice, palliative care, and pain control.

Voting Rights: and Civic Engagement:

  • SB828: Expect legislation to restore voting rights to people in prison.
  • HB4474: School Code-IEP-Voter Registration amends the Children with Disabilities Article of the School Code to require consideration of voter registration as a goal in the individualized education program (IEP) for students 17 or older. Details on voter registration inclusion and implementation must be included in the IEP.
  • HB 4626: Students and Elected Officials provides that a public school student may communicate and work with federally elected, state-elected, or locally elected officials or other stakeholders or officials as part of the student’s education

Gun Violence Prevention:

  • HB676: Karina’s Bill requires the immediate removal of firearms after an emergency order of protection is filed by a judge. The bill also closes a loophole to transfer firearm ownership after a firearm remedy is granted, ultimately stopping people from shuffling their firearms around to keep them out of law enforcement’s hands.
  • HB4753: The Homicide Victims’ Families’ Rights Act addresses low homicide clearance rates across the state of Illinois, strengthening community trust in police and increasing participation in investigations.
  • HB4754: The Homicide Data Transparency Bill amends the Uniform Reporting Act and requires Illinois law enforcement agencies to record and publish monthly homicide date for the public.
  • Creating a Firearms Insurance Task-force that would review options for requiring firearm insurance. Similar to car insurance, homeowners’ insurance, etc.
  • Strengthening safe storage

Supporting Youth and Families

  • Comprehensive Sex Education: Possible efforts to bolster the previously passed Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act (SB818) by mandating implementation and/or advocating for further resources during the budget process.
  • HB5548: Protect Youth Access to Health Care Act would update Illinois child custody statutes to ensure parents are not at risk of being punished or losing their rights when they help their children obtain needed or lifesaving health care- including when a custody dispute crosses state lines. This bill would expand upon protections for lawful health care already enacted in the Patient and Provider Protection Act.
  • HB4781/SB3308: Kinship in Demand Act removes barriers to equitable financial supports for kinship caregivers by statutorily defining standards for “kinship caregiver home certification” that are no more restrictive than federal law requires and that are in accordance with the recommendations developed by national best practice groups thereby improving outcomes for DCFS-involved youth in relative care and increasing the capacity of relatives to become caregivers delivering permanency for more children
  • HB 5056 would amend the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act to prohibit marriage for young people under 18 without any exceptions. WE DO NOT SUPPORT THIS APPROACH TO ENDING FORCED OR COERCED MARRIAGES.

A complete ban on marriage for anyone under 18 in Illinois may harm some young people without addressing the circumstances and conditions that actually can lead to forced or abusive marriages. The better solution is to ensure that all young people – whether under or over 18 – have access to the financial, healthcare, mental health, housing, legal and other resources to preserve their autonomy and prevent situations of forced or coerced marriage.

  • Invest in Kids: The Illinois General Assembly did not pass any legislation to extend the Invest in Kids Act before the end of 2023, and so the time period for some activities under the law has expired. However, there are some outstanding issues. There’s likely to be some sort of trailer language introduced this session, either as a standalone bill or stuck into something larger, to deal with the unspent funds issue. We will be vigilant to ensure that this is not an attempt to extend the program.
  • Access to internet: Pay attention to bills protecting youth on the internet, making sure they do not prevent access to age appropriate, medically accurate information.
  • HB5029: Paid Family & Medical Leave requires the Department of Employment Security to establish and administer a Family Leave Insurance Program that provides family leave insurance benefits to eligible employees.
  • HB 4917: Amends the Illinois Income Tax Act to provide a Statewide child tax credit, lower threshold @ $300/child starting 2025, then inflation adjusted, sponsor Marcus C. Evans
  • SB3727:  Illinois Patient Access to 340B Pharmacy Protection Act aims to prevent pharmaceutical manufacturers from placing undue restrictions on community health centers and their pharmacies, thereby safeguarding patients’ access to necessary medications.

For more information and to get more involved in advocacy contact Jill Lexier at [email protected].

Jill Lexier

State Policy Advocacy Chair, Illinois