Vote on the Next Slate of NCJW Chicago North Shore Section leaders

The NCJW Chicago North Shore 2021 Nominating Committee has presented the following proposed slate of officers and directors for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.  Please use the form below the slate to vote. All NCJW Chicago North Shore Members are eligible to vote; and any eligible votes not submitted by June 5 will be deemed to be a vote in favor of the slate as submitted.

President: Debbie Vietinghoff 
President Elect: Kim Sterling 
Secretary: Robbie Schreiber 
Recording Treasurer: Rhea Swider 

Director of Administration: Sarah Hirsen 
Director of Fundraising: Jan Schwartz  
Director of Advocacy: Bev Copeland  
Director of Community Outreach Initiatives: Barb Dolinger 
Director of Violence Against Women Initiative: Sherry Petlin 
Director of Engagement: Open
Director of Communications and Marketing: Holly Smith  
Director of Community Service: Donna Fishman 

Board Members At Large: Amy Rubin
Board Members At Large: Lisa Goldberg
Board Members At Large: Bonnie Braverman
Board Members At Large: Julie Newman