May 13

Advocacy and the Arts: Last Hermanos Audio Play and Talk Back

May 13, 7:00 pm

Join NCJW for this amazing and exclusive event.  Exal Iraheta’s Last Hermanos, an audio translation of a stage-work in progress, is a story of tenacious brotherhood, both chosen and blood.  The audio play will be available to listen on demand from May 1 through May 16.  Join us at 7pm on May 13 for a Theatre Talk Back with the playwright Exal Iraheta and Chicago-based film, television and stage actor Larry Grimm, A Red Orchid Theatre ensemble member.  Set in the not-too distant future, brothers Miguel and Julio are fleeing an America where being Latinx is a life sentence. Finding themselves sequestered in a Texas state park, the arrival of a sympathetic deserter, Shepherd, brings the conflict between Julio’s desire for revolution and Miguel’s need to return to normalcy into sharp focus.

Registration is $18 which gives you access to the audio play from May 1-16 and to a virtual Theatre Talk Back at 7pm CST on May 13th.  The registration fee supports both the Red Orchid Theatre community and NCJW’s Advocacy and the Arts programming.

Register Today!