December 12

Spotlight Series: Part II

7:00 pm — 8:00 pm


Living Your Fullest Life: Common Concerns as We Age

Every stage of life has its joys and challenges. What are those challenges we face in later adulthood—and how can we best prepare ourselves and others so that we can live our fullest life?

Join us for a two-part series on Living Your Fullest Life to discuss challenges and options on Mondays, Dec. 5th and Dec. 12th at 7 pm on zoom. Please invite children, friends, grandparents, and parents, as well.

Part 2, December 12th. Should I stay or should I go? Where should I live?

As in all phases of life, this question is usually raised when a significant change occurs – but in old age, the question gets more complicated.  Am I safe where I’m at? What can I afford?  Do I have to leave my home or community?

Phyllis Mitzen and Brad Winick will discuss practical issues to help people retain independence and remain in control of their lives as they age.

Brad Winick, is a consultant at Planning/Aging, whose work focuses on the intersection of planning and aging.

Phyllis Mitzen AM, ACSW, President, Skyline Village Chicago and Consultant to HMPRG, Center for Long Term Care Reform.

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