November 30

NCJW Gives Back- Care & Share: Winter Gear Collection

November 30, 12:00 am

Drop off locations including Naperville and Glencoe - RSVP to receive addresses.

Perez Elementary School, located in the heart of Pilsen, has welcomed over 60 newcomers and their families into their school community over the past five months. Students are from a variety of countries including Chile, Colombia and Venezuela. The majority of families are housed at a former warehouse nearby that was recently converted into a shelter.

Students and their family members have very few personal items of their own. The Perez Staff is working diligently to make sure students feel welcome and have backpacks, school supplies and school uniforms when they arrive for their first day of school. In addition, the Perez Staff has come together to help ease the transition for families by donating everything from shoes to clothing to basic household goods.

As winter approaches, and the weather is turning colder,  the Perez staff is aware that most of our new students, who come from warm countries, do not have appropriate winter outerwear.  Through the generosity of NCJW and their members,  we are grateful to have their support and concern for the students. On behalf of the students,  we thank you very much.

Let’s GIVE BACK this Fall by supplying these children with winter coats and other gear such as snowpants, gloves, hats, etc.

You can also donate funds and our Community Service committee will take care of purchasing the above items for you!

Items and funds are all due by December 1st.