July 10

NCJW Vigil: Communities Coming Together

July 10, 7:00 pm

Zoom - registration required - see below

Once again, our country has been rocked by gun violence, this time in our own community. Our hearts are broken. To those of you who were at the Highland Park Parade, we can only imagine the horror of witnessing gunfire and running for your lives. We hope all of your neighbors and family are safe.

This July 4th was a day of unimaginable tragedy and we grieve for those who were lost. As a nation, we can barely get over the shock of one mass shooting before the next occurs. Sadly, this does not even cover the countless acts of daily gun violence that go unannounced and seemingly unnoticed.

Please join us on July 10 at 7:00 pm for our NCJW IL Vigil as we come together mourn the tragic loss of life from senseless violence in Highland Park with Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg. We will also discuss ways to go forward to ensure safety in our communities with Laura Williams, President of People For a Safer Society.

Our new reality is our shared vulnerability to be victims of gun violence. This can’t continue. The recent legislation passed by Congress and signed by the president is a modest step forward, and we hope it will save lives. But it’s not enough. People will continue to die unless we find a radically different approach.

There are specific steps we can take to reduce deaths from gun violence. For example, right now Congress can implement universal background checks, which have broad public support. Congress can also act immediately to re-institute a federal ban on assault weapons. These high capacity weapons of war, which make mass killing possible, have no place in the general public.

NCJW Chicago North Shore along with NCJW South Cook are committed to do all that we can to support the legal battles to make voting accessible to all and to support new legislation to stop gun violence.

May the memories of all the lives lost from gun violence be a blessing.

Jan Schwartz                          Sharon Johnson

President of NCJW CNS        President of NCJW South Cook

Evening of Support for the Highland Park Community

Led by trauma informed experts, JCFS Chicago will be offering an evening of support on Wednesday, July 6 at 7:00pm. All are welcome to attend this virtual event focused on healing through words of comfort, conversation, and music. Join us using this link.