April 26

NCJW Spotlight: New President – New Action on Climate Change

April 26, 7:00 pm

This will be our third salon on climate change appropriately on Earth Day. Wild fires, floods and bad air quality right here in Chicago are only a few tipping points threatening the planet. President Biden has made climate change a priority. And Dick Durbin has introduced America’s Clean Future Fund Act. But will it pass as no other climate change bill has? Henry Moss will explain the urgency and how we can help.

Please join us for a discussion on this critical issue led by Henry Moss, who is Citizens Climate Lobby’s Liaison on to Sen. Durbin.

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About Henry Moss

After a 25 year career at Abbott Laboratories launching new medical technologies, Henry has been an outreach educator for Citizens Climate Lobby, a non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer organization, whose mission is to empower citizens to take action with their Members of Congress for a solution to Climate Change. He works with our Congressmen locally and in DC to discuss their perspective on Climate Change and find common ground. He currently serves as Citizens Climate Lobby’s Liaison to Senator Durbin.