May 19

NCJW Salon: Running on Empty: Mindfulness Practices to Avoid Burnout

May 19, 7:30 pm

Many advocates and caregivers have a habit of running on empty, living in a constant state of “burn out.” Creative Mindfulness is your opportunity to take time to slow down and breathe, take time to reflect and create. In this transformational program, discover several easy micro strategies and practices to nourish your spirit, fill your emotional cup and tap into your inner wisdom.

We will discover several easy techniques to nourish our spirit, fill our emotional cup and tap into our inner wisdom through the transformational and healing power or ART. Creativity is life-force energy! When you tap into your authentic creative expression you tap into your life-force energy and you naturally become healthier, full of vibrancy and inspiration.

Upon registration, we will send you the art project, and you’ll need pens, crayons or colored pencils and paper.

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