December 16

Suburban Salon: Being Jewish During “The Holidays”

December 16, 7:30 pm


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Join us during Chanukah for our NCJW Salon discussion about being Jewish during “the holidays.” We’ll explore such questions as:
  • Do you feel excluded in your community (or experience “Yuletide alienation” or “December angst” as it’s called in readings) during “the holidays?” Does Christmas make you question your Jewish sense of self?
  • How do you make community? How do you (or did you) create community for your children during December?
  • How do you respond when Christian friends say, “But Christmas is really an American holiday?” Does your family partake in any Christmas traditions?
  • If your family is mixed-faith, how do you celebrate “the holidays” and where is your comfort level with Christmas traditions?
Suggested readings: