June 26

Spotlight on Highland Park: A Year Later Turning Trauma into Action

June 26, 7:00 pm

Virtual via Zoom

“Doing nothing was simply not an option.”

As we approach the Fourth of July 2023, we remember the tragedy the Highland Park community experienced last year.  In response to this trauma, community members immediately took action to provide support for victims, their families and survivors; promote healing and resilience; and organize to push for federal gun control legislation to ensure safety for all citizens.  Registration is below.

To share their experience and current work, we will be joined by Dr. Emily Lieberman, Ivy Domont, and Annette Lidawer who—along with their families—survived the Fourth of July tragedy.  Dr. Lieberman and Ivy Domont are leaders in March Fourth, a nonprofit advocacy group working to reframe gun violence as a national health crisis and effect legislation to federally ban assault weapons.  Dr. Lieberman, a pediatrician, has organized distinguished physicians and gun safety experts from across the country to meet with legislators and testify in congress.  In addition to her commitment to getting assault weapons banned, Ivy Domont serves as program lead for Aftermath, March Fourth’s sister organization, that provides support for victims, survivors and loved ones locally and nationally.  Annette Lidawer, Highland Park City Council Member, will share how the governmental body has responded to last year’s tragedy and continues to work to improve the safety and well-being of the community.

We encourage you to join us for this important program to learn about how the Highland Park community is turning trauma into action—and what each of us can do to support these efforts.

Check out March Fourth at https://www.wemarchfourth.org/ and Aftermath at https://ouraftermath.org/  to learn about their work and ways you can support their efforts. 

Our Alliance partners are:
People for a Safer Society
Brady – United Against Gun Violence
One Aim Illinois
Illinois Alliance Against Gun Violence