March 27

Spotlight: Solo Aging by Choice or by Chance

7:00 pm — 8:00 pm

Virtual on Zoom

Recent census data show that more and more people are becoming solo agers—those who are not partnered and have no living children– whether by choice or by chance. Solo aging can be a time filled with joy and new beginnings, especially if solo agers feel empowered to make their own decisions regarding comfort and security. Planning ahead to make sure you can expand your world in this stage is crucial for Living Your Fullest Life.

Join us for the third part of the joint series with Skyline Village Chicago. Sharon Dornberg-Lee will lead us in a discussion of these and other topics for solo agers.

* How does one learn to embrace solo aging?

* How can I stay connected and where can I explore new interests?

* How do I ask for support?

* What do I need to know to retain control as I age?

* What is ageism and how can I be respected as an older person?

* What legacy do I want to leave?

Co-Sponsor: Skyline Village Chicago