September 23

NCJW Salon: A Sukkot Inspired Discussion of Home

September 23, 6:30 pm

Private Residence in Northbrook. Please Register for location information

Sukkot is a time of thanksgiving for the harvests and milestones in a person’s life. It reminds us to not take such things for granted. The sukkah also strips down the “material” world and helps to keep us “grounded” in what is most important. This is more relevant than ever today. As we ceased many of our normal activities during the pandemic, we learned what we had been taking for granted, and lived without some of our “material” comforts.  Sukkot reminds us that our dwellings can be temporary or permanent and makes us think about what is home.

For our September Salon discussion, we will meet in Melissa Prober’s backyard Sukkah and discuss the concept of home. Home can be a physical place, like the home we grew up in. It can be defined by relationships we have—as in, “I feel at home with the people I love.” It can denote experiences, as in “I feel at home when I’m reading my favorite author,” or “Making a Jewish home.” We will also explore homelessness, segregation in housing, and housing as social and economic justice.

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