We Made a Difference- Legislative Successes!!!

Thank you everyone who responded to a call to action e-mail, filed a witness slip or traveled to Springfield for lobbying. The Illinois General Assembly adjourned with some great legislative successes for the issues we care about:
Abortion Access, Reproductive Health, Gender Affirming Care, and Bodily Autonomy

Deceptive Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers Act amends the Consumer Protection and Deceptive Practices Act to prohibit limited services pregnancy centers (more commonly known as crisis pregnancy centers) from engaging in deceptive or fraudulent practices. (SB1909)

Protecting Patient License Plate Data provides that law enforcement shall not sell or share automatic license plate reader data to any state for the purpose of investigating or enforcing a law that denies or interferes with a person’s right to choose or obtain reproductive health care services or any lawful health care services, or for an investigation of a person based on the person’s immigration status.   (HB3326)

Cultural Competency Continuing Education for IL Medical Providers requires cultural competency continuing education for health care providers in order to provide them with the tools and information they need to effectively and affirmingly serve communities of color, people with disabilities, people of diverse faiths, undocumented individuals, LGBTQ+ people, people living with HIV, intersex people, and other communities that have been marginalized in the health care system.  (HB2450)

Public Higher Education Act requires each public institution of higher education, including community colleges, to make emergency contraception available through at least one wellness kiosk located on each campus under its jurisdiction. (SB1907)

Trailer Bill” for the previously passed Patient and Provider Protection Act makes corrections and clarifies that state-regulated health insurance must cover medications used off-label for abortion. (SB1344)

Preventative Health Care amendments to current Code requires state-regulated health insurance to cover certain preventive health care services without a copay or deductible spend down including immunizations, mammograms, and other services listed in the current recommendations of the United States Preventive Services Task Force. In addition, it clarifies that any preventive service designated for “men” or “women” company shall not deny or limit the coverage required or a claim based solely on the individual’s recorded sex or actual or perceived gender identity, or for the reason that the individual is gender nonconforming, intersex, transgender, or a has undergone or is in the process of undergoing gender transition. (SB 1561)

Wholesale Drug License Amendments provides legal protections for providers of and patients seeking reproductive and sexual health care, including abortion and gender-affirming care. It requires state-regulated health plans to cover abortion medications, PEP, and PrEP with no copay or deductible spend down, and creates a program for training health professionals in providing abortion care. (HB 466

Gun Violence Prevention

Firearms Industry Responsibility Act holds gun manufacturers accountable and makes it illegal to knowingly create, maintain or contribute to a condition in Illinois that endangers the safety or health of the public by failing to establish reasonable safeguards. (HB218)

Amendment to the Illinois State Police Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois clarifies that the Illinois State Police should annually report the number of FRO petitions that have been filed into the Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (LEADS) and should also be reported on the ISP Website. (HB2412)

First Time Weapon Offender Program sunset date of January 2024 is repealed thus extending the successful diversion program for offenders for first time nonviolent weapon possession offenses. (SB 424, SA1)

Protecting Democracy and Promoting Equity and Inclusivity

Affirm Equal Rights Amendment Resolution affirms the Equal Rights Amendment as our 28th Amendment to the US Constitution and asks that action be taken for the ERA’s official publication. (HJR0020)

Racism-Free Schools Act provides that each school district must create, implement, and maintain an age-appropriate policy on race-related harassment and discrimination. (SB90)

Bans on Book Banning, would require library boards to adopt written policies opposing book banning in order to be eligible for state library grants (HB2789)

Repeal of Marriage Prohibitions would repeal archaic and discriminatory language from 1915 that prohibits Illinois from issuing a marriage license to an out-of-state couple if their home state would not legally allow their marriage. While currently unenforced, these provisions could have ramifications should national marriage equality fall, and marriage bans become enforceable again in anti-LGBTQ+ states. (HB1591)

Equitable Restrooms – All Gender leaves the decision to adopt a gender-neutral multiple-occupancy restroom up to business and building owners as they determine how best to serve their communities and customers. For those businesses that adopt the restrooms, the bill establishes basic requirements to ensure safety, privacy, and inclusion. (HB1286)

Amendments to the Affordable Housing Planning and Appeal Act strengthens requirements for affordable housing plans, both the content and timelines for implementation. (SB1476)

Driver’s License Bill amends the Illinois Identification Card Act and the Illinois Vehicle Code to give immigrants access to regular IL drivers licenses instead of temporary licenses that flag their immigration status. (HB3882)

Faith by Plate Act requires State-owned or State-operated hospitals, prisons, and K-12 schools that provides cafeteria services to also offer halal or kosher food options at these facilities. (HB 3643)

Faith Behind Bars Act provides that a person committed to a correctional institution or facility has a constitutional right to practice his or her faith in the correctional institution or facility absent harm and without undue burden to the State’s correctional system. (HB 3055)

The Civil Liability for Doxing Act provides victims of doxing with a legal recourse while raising awareness about this harmful behavior. (HB2954) (Doxing is the broadcasting of private or identifying information about an individual, group or organization with the intent the information be used against the target for an unlawful purpose and the person whose information is published suffers harm.)