NCJW Chicago North Shore Statement on the Capitol Riots


Every three years, NCJW, Inc gives its supporters and advocates around the country the opportunity to head to Washington, DC and directly lobby our elected officials. Sometimes we meet with the elected official; sometimes we meet with one of their legislative aides. The meetings are held in legislative offices, hallways, Congressional conference rooms. We consider these sacred spaces. The work of the people happens there. We send our elected officials to Washington to work for us and when an elected official, the President of the United States no less, incites a mob and then further fans the flames, it is a violation of our democracy and of our rights.

We thank the members of Congress who refused to be intimidated and continued their work into the early morning hours to certify the Electoral College. We also thank the legislative aides who work tirelessly on our behalf. We thank you to those who worked to expel the rioters and secure the capitol. And we thank all of you, our NCJW supporters and advocates,who amplify our collective voice and change the world for the better.

We know that every one of our NCJW advocates is disheartened by this attack on our democracy. We also know that it will strengthen our bond and our resolve to stand up to injustice and create meaningful change at local, state, and federal levels.

With faith in the future,

Melissa Prober
NCJW CNS Executive Director

Debbie Vietinghoff
NCJW CNS Board President


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