NCJW Partnership with Illinois Vote Forward

Time to reignite your passion for activism:
Inspire fellow Americans in other states to cast their ballots!!!
Once again, NCJW has partnered with Vote Forward, a volunteer driven nonprofit
organization, aimed at registering voters from underrepresented communities, and
encouraging them to vote. Vote Forward has identified persons to contact with a
template designed to encourage a walk to the polls. NCJW’s role is to help ensure these
letters reach their targets.

Our mission: Let’s Party!!!
Please host a letter writing party, invite your friends and have a lot of fun doing it.
It can easily be an outside event. The hosting instructions are simple. The impact
is substantial.
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Step One: Set a date, time, and location.
Consider hosting a letter writing party at your home. Or, ask your congregation if you
can host a letter writing party after services. Perhaps you would rather make the most
of our short summer season and gather at a park, the beach, or at the outdoor seating
available at your neighborhood coffee shop. If you would rather not meet in-person, set
up a virtual party via platform like Zoom. Think about what works best for you and your

Step Two: Spread the word.
Reach out to your friends and neighbors and let them know you are hosting a letter
writing party. You can utilize social media (Facebook), send invitations digitally (Evite,
e-mail) or put up some flyers in your building or congregation. Whatever works best for
you and your target audience.

Step Three: Gather your supplies.
Print up your template letters (attached here), and gather business-sized envelopes,
pens and stamps. Or, ask your guests to help bring supplies (it’s a great way to make
people feel even more engaged).

Step Four: Personalize your letters.
Add a personalized, handwritten note to the template letter. Consider sharing
sentiments like why voting is important to you, how voting can invoke change, and how
voting ensures democracy thrives. Messages must be nonpartisan (no message of
parties, candidates).
Put your letter in an envelope and address it.

Step Five: P-A-R-T-Y
Write. Talk, laugh, eat. Turn on some music. Enjoy each other’s company.
Step Six: Hit the mailbox.
Collect all the letters and hang on to them until the mailing date – October 25 (reminder:
the election is November 8).

Register to be a host here