NCJW Gives Back

NCJW Gives Back is a new Community Service initiative of NCJW Chicago North Shore during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Many of our ongoing service projects are currently altered or on hold.  Instead, NCJW Gives Back’s mission is to collect and donate items needed by Chicago and Suburban residents who are especially impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.  To maintain the health and safety of all of our community service volunteers, these are a NO-TOUCH activities!

Each month starting in October 2020, we will be shifting our service theme and we will be donating to different types of social service agencies.  For example, in October we will collect products for domestic violence agencies; in November – food pantries, and in December – children in need.

Questions? Email [email protected].

Current Intiative:


During the pandemic, the elderly, more than most, have had to cope with feelings of isolation and a limited ability to connect with their loved ones. This month we would like to do something to show them some love and appreciation.  Click here to participate.




Previous Intiatives:

Sadly, domestic abuse against women and children has increased during COVID. Our goal in October was to provide a little extra comfort for survivors. Click here for photos of our successful NCJW Gives Back October collection! Due to economic repercussions from the pandemic, many women, children and families are experiencing food insecurity.  This month, we are dedicated to helping families obtain the food and basic staples they need so no one has to choose between food and shelter. Click here for photos of our successful NCJW Gives Back November collection. This is a difficult and confusing time, especially for children.  This month, we are dedicated to providing some joy and comfort to children and their families during the holiday season.  Click here for photos of our successful NCJW Gives Back December collection.